Jai Dee.

1985 - 2004

This little guy on the right is Mani Tau.

Mani Tau was born in April 1997.

They are both Korats; a breed from Thailand known as the "silver-blue cat with a Thai passport."

Jai and Mani loved to play and sleep together.

Okay, Mani liked to play and tried to get Jai to play by jumping on him.



Here's Razzamatazz.

Razzamatazz was adopted in April 2001 when he was seven years old.



Jai and Mani hanging out together.

Mani finally came out of the closet in which he was hiding after we first brought him home only to then hide under a chair.


Something has their attention.


Mani is watching the action on the floor from a safe location. Jai and Mani know that treats are coming their way so they are lining up.


If you want to learn more about these wonderful cats, and want to see additional links,
check out the following site:  http://www.koratworld.com

You can also see some of Jai's friends at: http://www.studiodust.com/~floyd/thai_ming.html



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